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Transport Moving

Your entire moving experience will depend on the transport moving company you choose, so take time to look for a reputable service provider. You can rely on a professional transport company to take good care of your possessions and to stick to schedule.

It pays to look for a transportation moving company with a proven track record, rather than to choose a service provider only on the basis of the lowest bid. Obtain moving quotes from a few reputable moving transport services and take time to check their credentials and reputation.

Check to see if the move transport services are licensed and insured. Ask the movers for references and call them up to get their feedback. Show the agent of the moving and transport company everything that has to be moved. If you leave out anything, you will have to make an extra payment for it.

Be wary of moving and transportation quotes offered over the phone without seeing the items that are to be moved. If you get a moving & transportation quote that is a lot lower than the rest, watch out for hidden charges.

As per the law, you cannot be asked to pay more than 110 percent of the value of a non-binding moving quote or 100 percent of the value of a binding shipping quote at the time of delivery. If any additional amount is payable, a separate invoice will have to be raised for it.

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Most moving & transport companies prefer non-binding moving quotes, because they help to protect the interests of both parties.

A binding transport quote will assure you of the amount you will have to pay at the time of delivery, but remember that transportation moving companies are known to add on a margin to compensate for estimation errors.

It is not easy to go through all the listings of companies in the yellow pages and to call them up individually to get quotes.

Now you can get free, no-obligations moving quotes from pre-screened moving services in your area, quickly and easily. There are no charges or commitments involved at all and we will not give your contact information to anyone without your consent.